Andi Mack is the dose of positivity you need in 2017

The show bringing me the most joy here in this terrible year of 2017 is a Disney Channel original called Andi Mack. I’m going to have to spoil you for the exciting thing that happens at the end of the first episode to make you understand why this show is so great: Andi, a biracial Asian-American middle school girl with a pixie cut, finds out that her edgy, wayward older sister Bex is actually her mom.


Bex and Andi – source

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A Media Representation Review of 2016

Well, we all know this year was terrible, but some good stuff happened in terms of media representation. Some terrible stuff happened also. As I have for the last two years, I’m gonna talk about the things I’ve read and watched this year, new and old, and let you know what’s worth checking out and what isn’t.

As I did last year, I’m not gonna mention anything I’ve already blogged about extensively and I’m only gonna bring up something I’ve mentioned in one of these before if something big happened or my opinion about it has changed. I should also mention that I’m behind on a lot of shows right now, but in particular, I’m WAY behind on How to Get Away with Murder, The Fosters, and Empire, and so can’t comment on what they’re up to.


Alex and Kara on Supergirl – image source

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Flashback Friday: Two Drifters

This week we watched Two Drifters, a very weird and wild Portuguese film from 2005 that I don’t know what to make of at all.

Warning for brief mentions of suicide attempts.


Odette takes a pregnancy test. Are there real life supermarkets where employees wear rollerskates? – image source

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Flashback Friday: A latency and pedophilia roundup, basically

Alright, so last week I watched Pee-wee’s Big Holiday, and then today in class we watched clips from Captains Courageous and then all of For a Lost Soldier, and they all kinda overlap in topic with one another and the previous two movies, and I don’t care about any of these three enough individually, so like… I’m just gonna… talk about them all I guess.


If nothing else, I love Joe Magniegnielollo now – image source

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