Good-Bye, Faking It: You Were Genuinely Revolutionary and Also Very, Very Problematic

So. Faking It got canceled.

This show is the reason I made this blog in the first place, and I used to do a recap every episode, to talk about the good and the bad the show was doing. But the show is exhausting, and I wasn’t enjoying myself, so eventually I stopped. I have still been watching the show, but slowly, usually ages after the episodes air. I caught up when I found out it was canceled, though, because I feel like I should come up with some closing thoughts.


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Oh, look! Finally! A recap of the second half of this season of “Faking It”!

There's too much happening here.

There’s too much happening here.

Faking It has reached its mid-season finale, and I am finally back to recap the last five episodes. I gave up around the middle of this half of the season because so much of the season felt like filler, and there was very little happening for me to talk about. The problem is that Faking It expects me to care about gimmicks way more than I do. Like, if you give me weird truth or dare to propel the plot, I’m gonna notice if it doesn’t make any sense, but if you create a vague dystopian game that the characters can incorporate into their emotional responses, I’ll go with the flow. The show also doesn’t get that I don’t want to see the characters going to great lengths to conceal things, because the show is best when it’s raw and real, when the characters actually DEAL with shit. Faking It thinks I care about the exact opposite of what I care about, and that means that there are very few moments in most episodes that I’m truly committed to.

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At Least the Second Half of the Season Looks Exciting: “Faking It” 2×5 – “Present Tense”

Karma's like, I don't even mind that my room will smell like toddler feet for a month!

Karma’s like, I don’t even mind that my room will smell like toddler feet for a month!

This week on Faking It, Karma turned sixteen, which is hilarious, because I had no idea these characters were supposed to be that young. They certainly don’t look it. The A-plot focuses on Amy being really passive-aggressive and jealous about Karma’s interest in Liam, and the B-plot focused on… some sort of mixed martial arts class that Lauren, Shane, Liam, and Theo went to? This show is weird, guys.

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If Nothing Else, Laverne Cox is Great: “Faking It” 2×4 – “Lying Kings and Drama Queens”

There was no way to capture a good still of this.

There was no way to capture a good still of this mess.

This week on Faking It, there’s an open spot in the super competitive drama club which is run by Laverne Cox, who can do anything she wants and I’ll sit through it, which made one of this week’s two main gimmicks more tolerable than they’ve been in the past few episodes. Trying to get this coveted spot are Karma, who needs a new fix now that she’s broken up with Amy, Shane and Lauren because of course, and Oliver, that dweeb who Amy kissed last season, because I don’t know.

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I Don’t Think Anything Actually Happened But Racism: “Faking It” 2×3 – “Lust In Translation”



This week on Faking It, nothing really happened again. These last two episodes have focused way too heavily on gimmicks that aren’t believable or coherent enough to actually work. Also, this week’s was racist, because apparently Hester High has some sister school in Brazil that got eaten by a sinkhole so a bunch of 35-year-old hypersexualized Brazilian models who were allergic to clothing and didn’t speak English had to come and visit. It was terrible.

The episode starts with Amy and Karma planning to publicly break up again, with Karma eventually drifting back into dating dudes, but no, not Liam, why would anybody ever think that she would mean Liam, why would Karma ever do that, etc. Anyway, Karma’s super upset when no one cares about their break-up this time, and I don’t really buy that no one would give a shit this time since they super did last time, but everyone’s distracted by the Brazilians, who are apparently like Veela and attract even people who have previously only been Karmasexual. But we’ll get to that in a bit.

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