Flashback Friday: Recommendations & the future of this column

First things first I wanna officially recommend certain films from this class, and then I want to talk about what I’m thinking of doing with Flashback Friday in the future – and I’d really appreciate feedback on the ideas!

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Flashback Friday: Two Drifters

This week we watched Two Drifters, a very weird and wild Portuguese film from 2005 that I don’t know what to make of at all.

Warning for brief mentions of suicide attempts.


Odette takes a pregnancy test. Are there real life supermarkets where employees wear rollerskates? – image source

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Flashback Friday: A latency and pedophilia roundup, basically

Alright, so last week I watched Pee-wee’s Big Holiday, and then today in class we watched clips from Captains Courageous and then all of For a Lost Soldier, and they all kinda overlap in topic with one another and the previous two movies, and I don’t care about any of these three enough individually, so like… I’m just gonna… talk about them all I guess.


If nothing else, I love Joe Magniegnielollo now – image source

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Flashback Friday: Mysterious Skin

Technically we watched Mysterious Skin last week, but I’m taking advantage of not having class this week to get to really talk about two heavy movies instead of shoving them both into last week’s post. Anyway, Mysterious Skin is an American film from 2004 that deals with the two very different paths that two survivors of childhood sexual abuse travel.

Warning for discussion of graphic depictions childhood abuse, rape, and trauma.

(WordPress won’t let me upload a picture right now for some reason, but y’all know what Joseph Gordon-Levitt looks like.)

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Flashback Friday: The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros

This week we watched both The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros, a Filipino film from 2005, and also Mysterious Skin, but I’m going to talk about that one next week when we don’t have class, because there’s a lot to say about both and I need to sit on that one for a bit. This week’s film is about a gay preteen in the Philippines and would never, ever have been made in the US for a number of reasons.


Maxi and Victor – source

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