Mad Men: Final Thoughts

It’s been a few days and I still don’t really know how I feel about the Mad Men finale except for being pissed about Betty. But I’ve been pissed about Betty since, like, season 2. I do miss the show more than I expected, but like, not the experience of watching it in general, just the little moments where it surprised me or was really funny or delved into certain dynamics. I want more of those moments and I also never want to have to deal with 80% of the show ever again.

I did a lot of reading other recaps and reviews and I feel that I understand the finale a bit more now, but honestly I don’t want to go over all of that again. At the start of grad school, two of my professors had us watch “The Real Mad Men and Women of Madison Avenue,” an hour-long special with a self-explanatory title. I decided to rewatch it and use that as a framework for churning out some final thoughts on the show and its representation.


This lady is the best. Look at that unicorn. – image source

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“A chance to build something”: Mad Men 7×13 – 7×14

I can’t believe I’m finished. It doesn’t feel like I am, because the end wasn’t very conclusive – the show’s over but their stories aren’t. Some of the suspense was taken away for me because I knew what the ending would imply for Don, but I didn’t know the context, and I knew nothing about any of the other characters.


LIGHT OF MY LIFE – image source

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“Quite a year”: Mad Men 7×10 – 7×12

Hey, I have a question. How come no one warned me that season seven has a 14th episode? I’ve decided to split the remaining episodes in half, so here’s three, and the final two will come in two days, and THEN my final thoughts after that. But seriously, why didn’t anyone warn me?


HELL. YES. – image source

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“The connection that we’re hungry for”: Mad Men 7×7 – 7×9

I feel so strongly about this that I’m gonna stick it up here: remember when Henry was calling Betty stupid? Her response is to decide to go to grad school for psychology. On the one hand, hilarious and also you go girl. On the other hand, holy SHIT Betty as a psychiatrist is such a scary thought.

Warning for discussion of suicidal ideation.


He looks like the hunter from Jumanji or something – image source

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