I Thought Cosima Would Be My Favorite: How “Orphan Black” Has Disappointed Me

Tatiana Maslany as Cosima.

Tatiana Maslany as Cosima.

Before I started Orphan Black, I assumed that Cosima would be my favorite clone. She’s cute and queer and gives off a sense of being much younger than the other clones, as a student, and because she’s naïve when it comes to the start of her relationship with Delphine, who she correctly assumes is her monitor. I wasn’t expecting their relationship to be as complicated as it is, but all of the romantic relationships are multilayered.

It took me a while to figure out why I don’t care for Cosima as much as I wanted to. All of the clones are flawed and nuanced, so it’s not that she has traits that I dislike, such as her cockiness, which sometimes goes too far, or, again, her willful naiveté, which is a trait she sometimes shares with her sisters. For some reason, her scenes fall a bit flat for me, even though I like seeing her interact with the other clones, and I’m interested in her relationship with Delphine.

The problem is that those are the only two facets of Cosima, other than the science. Sarah has sexual and emotional relationships, and her brother and foster mother and daughter, and her sisters, and Art, and Vic the dick. Alison has her sisters, and her husband, and Felix, and had Aynsley and her theater group, and while we don’t see her children much, we know about them. Helena has a variety of people to interact with in a variety of ways.

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