Flashback Friday: Carol

Okay, admittedly we’re not flashing very far back with this one.

We’re gonna talk about two things, I think. The first thing is that, for a number of reasons, I enjoyed Carol much more the second time around. The second thing is the bury-your-gays trope, with reference to last week’s discussion of Brokeback Mountain as well.


Lenses on lenses – image source

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Flashback Friday: Brokeback Mountain

First of all – I know it’s Saturday, but I didn’t have this idea until this morning.

I’m in a queer cinema class right now and every Thursday we’re going to be watching a movie made between the early 90s and now. I’ve been thinking for ages of doing a weekly post where I discuss an older work of media, although to be honest my original thought was that it’d be something I thought was really great as a kid, and I revisit it to see how it holds up. But I think this is a good way to get started. This could transition into something else after the class ends.

So: this week we watched Brokeback Moutain, which I had seen years ago, edited for TV, when I thought I was straight, and I didn’t remember nearly as much as I thought I did.

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