Good-Bye, Faking It: You Were Genuinely Revolutionary and Also Very, Very Problematic

So. Faking It got canceled.

This show is the reason I made this blog in the first place, and I used to do a recap every episode, to talk about the good and the bad the show was doing. But the show is exhausting, and I wasn’t enjoying myself, so eventually I stopped. I have still been watching the show, but slowly, usually ages after the episodes air. I caught up when I found out it was canceled, though, because I feel like I should come up with some closing thoughts.


Remember when? – image source

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I’m not asking you to make Poe Dameron queer – I’m asking you not to make him straight

You might’ve heard that Mark Hamill is going around telling people that if they think Luke Skywalker is bisexual, or transgender, then that means he is bisexual, or transgender, or whatever else you read him as. That Luke is left up for interpretation, and that means your interpretation is right.

In a couple of weeks, a comic book will premiere that focuses on Poe Dameron, one of the main characters in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. A lot of people read Poe as queer. Some are hopeful that in the future movies, he’ll actually be established as queer. Some of us are just hoping that this comic won’t establish that he’s not queer.

poe cap

Oscar Isaac as Poe Dameron

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I Don’t Think Anything Actually Happened But Racism: “Faking It” 2×3 – “Lust In Translation”



This week on Faking It, nothing really happened again. These last two episodes have focused way too heavily on gimmicks that aren’t believable or coherent enough to actually work. Also, this week’s was racist, because apparently Hester High has some sister school in Brazil that got eaten by a sinkhole so a bunch of 35-year-old hypersexualized Brazilian models who were allergic to clothing and didn’t speak English had to come and visit. It was terrible.

The episode starts with Amy and Karma planning to publicly break up again, with Karma eventually drifting back into dating dudes, but no, not Liam, why would anybody ever think that she would mean Liam, why would Karma ever do that, etc. Anyway, Karma’s super upset when no one cares about their break-up this time, and I don’t really buy that no one would give a shit this time since they super did last time, but everyone’s distracted by the Brazilians, who are apparently like Veela and attract even people who have previously only been Karmasexual. But we’ll get to that in a bit.

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Introducing TV’s First Positive and Developed Intersex Character: “Faking It” 2×1 – “The Morning Aftermath”

Lauren's post on Inter/Act.

Lauren’s post on Inter/Act.

FAKING IT IS BACK, and is doing some really great things right off the bat. In case you haven’t heard yet, Lauren’s secret was revealed in the season premiere, and it seems like it is going to be handled really, really well. It turns out that Lauren is intersex. There have been several other intersex characters on television before, but they have been portrayed offensively and have never been a major character with an identity outside of the condition, according to this post. (This post can teach you about the specific condition that Lauren has.)

Apparently, MTV and the showrunners have been doing close work with Inter/Act Youth, a site which they show Lauren posting on during the episode, and they even held an Inter/Act workshop to educate the cast and crew. On MTV’s Faking It page you can also find a video about “9 Things You Need to Know about Being Intersex,” starring Bailey DeYoung, who plays Lauren, and an Inter/Act staff member. So far, the show has barely touched on the topic, but it looks like the conversation surrounding it will be as nonproblematic as possible, and this representation is monumental.

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A Finale That’s Actually Mostly Really Good: “Faking It” 1×8 – “Burnt Toast”

They fell down after they danced. I don't know.

They fell down after they danced. I don’t know.

The season finale of “Faking It” opens after Karma and Liam have apparently had sex, but Karma lets Liam know that they have to keep their relationship a secret for a while: “If people at school think I left Amy for you, they’ll hate us more than oil companies.” Liam asks about 82 more times if Amy is okay with what’s happening, and Karma continues to lie to both Liam and Amy. Old news.

So Amy’s preparing a speech for her mom’s wedding and it’s not going well. Karma tells her to speak from her heart, because that can never go wrong. That’s both a paraphrased quote and a sarcastic observation. Then Amy’s mom barges in all worried that Amy’s grandma is going to catch them in the act of, like, talking, and Amy quips, “Thank god she didn’t barge in five minutes ago when we were sixty-nining!” I love Amy. While this bit was funny, I do wish we’d get to see more of Amy’s mom so we could have a more consistent feel for her treatment of Amy now. During the wedding she worries about Nana finding out and her new husband is like, “Your mother couldn’t pick out a lesbian at a Melissa Etheridge concert.” Yes.

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