I Don’t Think Anything Actually Happened But Racism: “Faking It” 2×3 – “Lust In Translation”



This week on Faking It, nothing really happened again. These last two episodes have focused way too heavily on gimmicks that aren’t believable or coherent enough to actually work. Also, this week’s was racist, because apparently Hester High has some sister school in Brazil that got eaten by a sinkhole so a bunch of 35-year-old hypersexualized Brazilian models who were allergic to clothing and didn’t speak English had to come and visit. It was terrible.

The episode starts with Amy and Karma planning to publicly break up again, with Karma eventually drifting back into dating dudes, but no, not Liam, why would anybody ever think that she would mean Liam, why would Karma ever do that, etc. Anyway, Karma’s super upset when no one cares about their break-up this time, and I don’t really buy that no one would give a shit this time since they super did last time, but everyone’s distracted by the Brazilians, who are apparently like Veela and attract even people who have previously only been Karmasexual. But we’ll get to that in a bit.

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